New Category!

Good ideas. I can’t remember if I stole this idea from somebody or came up with it on my own, so if I stole it from you sorry. Can we share? Anywho, it’s just what it sounds like. Examples:

To warm up extremely cold hands in a cold house on a cold fall day

steaming hot soup is a good idea

In this case it’s curried kohlrabi with coconut milk + greens + kidney beans. Yum.

Another good idea. Lay down some roots in the cold weather and you’ll be all the more happier

I like to eat the skin on the beets, apparently this is hardcore. It’s good to be hardcore.

I actually used to hate beets when I was a kid, which I guess is normal. (Although I hated tomato soup when I was a kid and according to some crazy cookbook I was looking through once tomato soup is beloved by every child on earth. Ugh.) My mom actually grew beets in her garden for a few years, and I remember at the dinner table only she and my grandmother would eat them. I also remember every time my sister would say, “Beats me!” I would always reply with, “Oh, we have some beets in the garden, do you want me to get you some?”

I was a weird kid.

Moving on. Another good idea.

For some contrast, here’s a bad idea.
Don’t wear a random pin bearing a name you know nothing behind:

I googled his name once, and for a while I thought he was an Australian rugby league football player, but it was also 3 am and I could have been delirious. Garry Jack is an Australian rugby league football player, I have no idea who Jack Garry is.
Hold on! It would appear Jack Garry is some sort of boxer from the 1930’s. That’s pretty rad!

Also, a bad idea is to take vanity shots of aforementioned random pin that sort of matches your apron while you have tomato sauce cooking and are in a hurry. Another bad idea is to drop your camera into your kitchen towel drawer (although that is better than dropping it into the spice drawer-at least kitchen towels are soft) thus almost damaging it. Almost. It’s totally fine now, and I just pretend that little incident never happened.