My sister Rachel is mad because in her words, “You never post food pictures on your blog anymore, waah.”
Okay, I might have added that waah in for emphasis, but her point is well taken, I admit my food ‘foto shortcomings. I dedicate this post of uber backlogged pics to her, and to all others lacking in pretty pictures of edible things.

Carb loading.

Eggplant parmesan made without scary fake cheese and instead using cashew mozzarella sauce and sesame seed parmesan.
eggplant parmesan

Fava bean wat over teff cakes with carrot chutney and cabbage thoran.

Berry, coconut, and chocolate individual bread puddings.
coconut, berry, + chocolate chip bread pudding

Boring, but whatever. The classic PB + J.
pb + j

Caramelized chive mashed ‘taters with miso and a splash of coconut milk, just because. So good.
chive mashed potatoes

Picada (bread, almonds, garlic) – I kind of ate most of this plain. Thank god for tea tree tooth pics, as the garlic is a bit pungent…

Chermoula (Moroccan Green Sauce).


Swiss chard with onions and garlic, yo..
swiss chard

All together now with chickpeas (in chermoula) and Israeli couscous (leftover from previous tenant in my house, it might be poisoned but hey, it was free) mixed with harissa and picada.
all together now

Roasted butternut squash, brussels sprouts, and fennel.
roasted vegetables

Millet mashed with cauliflower, chickpeas, beer gravy, and sauteed kale.

I’m a pomegranate killer, and I leave a pool of blood.
pomegranate killer

Bite me.
grateful pomegranate

Last but certainly not least, sweet potato coffeecake.
sweet potato coffeecake