Maybe it’s because I find all of my shoes either at second-hand stores or kicking around my parents house (um, don’t ask), but lately my shoes have been dropping like flies, and I don’t like it one bit. Take these so-horrible-they’re-awesome granny shoes that totally broke when I wore them to my ex-job at a cafe (in retrospect I realize this was a bad idea, but I was excited about them and wanted to show them off, can you blame me?):


They were only three dollars, and they lasted like, three days. Bummer. They even had cute little hearts on the back. I actually saw the same exact pair at the Salvation Army in New Paltz, but alas, they were size 9 and I’m just a 7 1/2. Anyway, the granny shoes broke during the middle (read: busiest part) of the day, and I had no choice but to tape them up and carry on to the best of my ability. It was a blow to my fashion sense, but I kept trudging along….

Then I found these suckers for $1 in Saugerties.
I loved them so much, but sadly, they also went kaput.

After the gold rush:

And then, after I made peace with the temporary death (temporary until I glue them together again or something) of the golden gals, I found the Keds.

It was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?


If you can’t read between the lines, it actually says, “Keds, they feel good – until you wear them in the rain and notice your right foot is starting to become soaking wet.”


Aaah……you kinda suck.


Guess it’s back to my trusted Merrell walking shoes until they die or I find some more new used shoes, whatever comes first.


Oh, while we are on the subject of shoes, I just found out about a vegan boutique in Chatham called Cow Jones Industrials (hmm, what’s with their name if it’s a vegan place?). I haven’t been there yet but how rad is it to have a vegan shoe store in upstate NY? Check it here.