Going through my baking stuff a few months ago (my god, I’m so behind on blogging about everything!) I remembered about the precious cocoa butter waiting to be used.

First up on my agenda was white chocolate mousse from The Millennium Cookbook.

I was planning on making the white chocolate mousse, then using half of it to make the peanut butter mousse recipe in the cookbook, but I didn’t really read the part where you have to blend the peanut butter in before the mousse sets up. Oops.

Making do with my mistake, I blended in some peanut butter after it had set up overnight. Unfortunately, there were some noticeable gobs of peanut butter that my sister Susan objected to, but it definitely could have been worse. Besides, it added some more texture, ya know?

Speaking of texture, the mousse texture itself was pretty frickin’ fabulous, even if the flavor was a little too cloying. I’m really excited to experiment with the recipe, I think it would be great in tiramisu, among other things.

I plated the mousse with chocolate sauce, strawberry coulis, and toasted cacao nibs ground with turbinado sugar (I’m not a huge fan of cacao nibs, but we always seem to have a ton lying around, and I thought their bitterness would go nice against the sweetness of the mousse – it did). The peanut butter mousse is the middle scoop, the two outer ones are plain. Not the greatest presentation or picture, but whatevs.

Next was getting over my fear of making white chocolate. I used the recipe on BitterSweet, but it didn’t come out quite as I had hoped. The powdered sugar sort of clumped together in the center of my mold (aka shallow glass dish), so I put it in the back of the fridge to forget about it for a while. When I was finally ready to do something with it I made white chocolate macadamia cookies, like any sane person would.


I used the VwaV chocolate chip cookie recipe as a loose guide, and went from there. I’m a sucker for anything sweet and salty, so for a couple of the cookies I sprinkled on some fleur de sel. I wish I had added salt to more cookies, because they were a little sweet for my taste and the salt really helped balance the sweetness, but everyone else seemed to like them.

I am going to try making the white chocolate again soon, I’ll tell you all about it when I do….