salvation army

When I was home for the holidays, my sister Rachel told me I had no self control because I couldn’t stop myself from singing. She’d ask me to stop, and I’d find myself unconsciously singing again five minutes later.
But really, SHE was just projecting, because she has no self control when SHE watches football. Cries of excitement, agony, happiness, sorrow, I’ve heard it all.
Hi, my name is Veronica, and I’m the sister of a football addict.
I hate football, and she hates all the movies I love, so I guess we’re about equal.

But before I continue, I have a back story to tell about a scarf.
About two months ago, I was shopping at my local Salvation Army and saw a black and yellow striped scarf. Cool, I thought to myself, it’s sorta like a bumblebee! There was some writing on the scarf, and I couldn’t figure out what it said, but I figured it wasn’t too important, and I wore it for a few weeks before I went home.

So anyway, when I got home and my sister saw the scarf, she was like, “Um, why are you wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers scarf? I thought you hated football.”
(Oh, this was after she told me I looked like Harry Potter.)
At first, I was really confused, and then she asked, “Didn’t you see the Steelers written on it?” Oh, right! That’s what those letters are! Whoops.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if the Steelers lose the Super Bowl tomorrow and you see me on the street afterward wearing my scarf, please don’t heckle me, because I just wanted to be a bumblebee.


And, yes, for the record, I now see clearly that it says Steelers.


Really, I’m not. Yet every time I’m at a second-hand store I always check the boys’ and girls’ clothing. I can’t help myself, there’s just always something to be found.

Once, while I was looking at the girls’ clothing at my local Salvation Army, I overheard two ladies bonding over finding ticks on their children, needing to buy winter coats for said children, and Florida. A bit random, but it was very cute and I like to imagine that both families now get together for play dates while wearing their thrifted coats.

Anyway, last time I was shopping, I found an awesome pair of pajamas (for 3.99) in the boys’ section.



One thing I want to know is why do they have heart buttons?
It intrigues me every night as I’m getting ready for bed.