Good Ideas

This is possibly the dumbest post ever written, but hopefully Bob Dylan fans will get it.

(I am aware this photo is super blurry, it’s my take on the Blonde on Blonde album cover. Take it or leave it…..)


Blondies are a nice change of pace from the boring regular chocolate dessert that is known as the brownie. Alright, I take it back, brownies aren’t boring. And actually, chocolate isn’t always used. When my sisters and I were younger on rainy days my mother used to make carob brownies a la 1970’s hippy food/Mollie Katzen cuisine.*
One day when my sister was away at college her friend started talking about how she thought she hated brownies growing up but really she just hated the carob brownies her mother made, and my sister knew exactly what she meant.**
My sister’s friend grew up on a hippy commune in Texas, though. We didn’t grow up on a commune, we were stuck in the suburbs with the urban blues, so I have no idea what my mother’s reasoning behind the carob was.
(Actually I do. We just ate super healthy growing up.)

* I have nothing against the Moosewood cookbooks. In fact, I think they’re adorable. However, I am annoyed by Mollie Katzen’s selling-out. (Don’t follow the link unless you want to be aggravated.)

** For the record, I like carob and I know at least five other people who believe in it.

A few weeks ago I had an idea that cashew butter would be really nice in blondies, so I pledged my time to make some absolutely sweet treats.
The cashew butter worked well in them; the flavor isn’t too overwhelming, but you can taste it, which is nice. I’m happy with the texture, it was just like a blondie should be (well, the texture was perfect for 2 of the 3 I’ve made). The 4th time around we’ll see how it goes.

These babies are a work in progress, though.
I still think they could use something else, I’m just not sure what. If you have a suggestion, feel free to tell me! I’m sure at least one of you must know something to jazz it up.

I wanted to buy some of the Price Chopper accidentally vegan butterscotch chips I’ve been hearing all about lately so I could use them in the blondies and call them blonde on blonde, but the ingredients were scary and I couldn’t bring myself to buy them.
Although I might just have to crack and get them to see how taste in the blondies. Decisions, decisions.


Election Day – the other ED.

This was my first election voting, how exciting for it to be such a history-making one!

While we all anxiously await the results how about some pictures of Ralph Nader circa the 1969 October 3rd issue of Life Magazine (that I bought for a dollar at the Woodstock Flea Market)?

Yes, this picture has been widely circulated, but dudes, 1969 Life magazine! In my hands! How awesome!





Bonus pic from the magazine:

I didn’t vote for him (Cynthia McKinney got my vote, holla!) but man do I love Ralph Nader.
And his quotes.

“You can’t spoil a system that is spoiled to the core.”

“The only true aging is the erosion of one’s ideals.”

And one of my personal favorites, Ralph Nader on hot dogs, calling them “Missiles of death.”

I leave you with one final quote, this one from Archy and Mehitabel, a cute little book I just read about Archy the cockroach and Mehitabel the cat and their perspectives on things.

From xii:certain maxims of Archy.

“The bees got their governmental system settled millions of years ago but the human race is still groping.”

****Update: Well, since I wrote this Obama was elected president (!!!) and Ralph Nader came out with his Uncle Tom quote, which I am sure you all know about by now. I had never heard the term Uncle Tom before yesterday, and I haven’t read Uncle Tom’s Cabin (although now I plan on it), and at first I didn’t fully understand what the problem was, but I think I get it now. How disappointing that he couldn’t have used another analogy for what he was trying to say. I still respect him for the work he has done in the past, but this was a bit of a blow to my admiration for him.

I’m currently reading Savage Beauty, a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay. It’s quite fascinating (for instance, did you know she went to Vassar College? I didn’t!).

In the book are some letters of correspondence she had with her mother and two sisters, along with various lovers and friends.

Letter writing! Whodathunkit?

Are you wondering how this relates to myspace, as implied in the title?

Okay, first read this article.

Second, celebrate with me, for I have quit the Myspace.

I had thought about deleting my page eons ago, but somehow I talked myself out of it. Only now, after reading the aforementioned article, feeling almost exactly like the author, I knew it was time.

I feel so free!

And I have an idea! A Good Idea, inspired by Edna St. Vincent Millay and her company. I’m going to find beautiful stationery and a flowing pen, and I’m going to sit down every so often to write hand-written letters to my peeps, instead of logging on to some random networking site! I’m a bad networker anyway. I am going to be old-fashioned, and I’m going to love every minute of it. I’m going to slow everything down, and I’m going to enjoy it, because sometimes technology scares me. I’m going to have a tea party one of these days!

By the by, I have nothing against Email. In fact, I think it’s great, but wouldn’t you like to get letters via the mailbox? (If so, send me your address and I will write, pinky swear.)


It’s a good idea to put your money where your mouth is.

P.S. You might have already known this (as did I, my mini-photo shoot just reinforced it), but money smells really weird, y’all.

A good (splendid, even) idea: Macro mode on your camera. My life hasn’t been the same since I learned about macro mode. And by life I mean photos.

The other day I was making fun of food bloggers who fixate on taking zillions of photos of the same dish, but I’m sort of a hypocrite because I took a ton of photos of the half-eaten pistachio truffle shown above. And by tons I mean 12. But I guess I do understand the photo obsession now, even though I couldn’t imagine snapping more than 20 shots of the same thing. And that’s not to say I’m still not alarmed by how some amateur blogs are way too polished and perfect. Alarming in a what-the-hell-else-do-you-do-with-your-day? kind of way.

But I digress. You know what else is a good idea? Ordering truffles from Lagusta’s Luscious. Delicious!

Oh yeah, I took the picture of the truffle on my bed. I used to abhore the color pink, but now I adore it. And pink and orange? Totally. Check it out:

You know what’s all sorts of awesome? Moving into a house and being given a Fender acoustic guitar (a remnant of a previous tenant) by your current housemates. Yeah!

Both the comforter and the snugly blanket are from The Second Show in Hudson. Carol, the manager lady, is the sweetest person in the world. When they came in, she put them both aside for me because she knew I would love them.  She also used to save me all the Betsey Johnson clothing that would come in, because she knew how obsessed I was with all things Betsey Johnson.

Awwww, I just went and searched for Betsey Johnson on Youtube, check out this clip. She is so crazy! Gotta love her!

Flea markets are good ideas, that pretty much goes without saying. Although don’t you hate it when a flea market looks like it’s going to be really great and it’s really crappy and thus a major letdown? For the most part, the Woodstock flea market is crappy (that is, if you share my taste in all things art, fashion, etc).
However, if you ever find yourself at the Mower’s Market be sure to hunt down Marlene, she’s awesome and has super awesome stuff. My flapper hat is a Marlene find from a few years ago. Shall we take a moment to reflect on the radness?:

Good idea: Make food for your favorite vendor because she’s your favorite vendor and you like making food for people. Because your mother is part Italian, definitely go overboard.
White bean and roasted tomato galette:

Allspice roasted butternut squash:

Sauteed kale + shallots:

Mediterranean spelt salad:

Mostly every other vendor sells, well, Woodstock-y stuff, which is fine if you learn to except it for what it is and only take the quickest glance at it. There are some exceptions to this rule, though. See below.

Good idea:
Always, always, always take a quick glance around the whole market, even if you’re itching to get to the Woodstock Library Sale. Score boxfuls of vintage hats for $5 each! Ignore obnoxious people who take interest in said hats only after you start looking at them.

Add to your ever growing collection of hats.

Oy, I’ll have you know that was a low point for my room. It looks a lot better now, thanks.
Also, that’s not how you should store your hats, don’t follow my example.
Also, that’s not even a quarter of the hats I own. I should just open up a store already.

New Category!

Good ideas. I can’t remember if I stole this idea from somebody or came up with it on my own, so if I stole it from you sorry. Can we share? Anywho, it’s just what it sounds like. Examples:

To warm up extremely cold hands in a cold house on a cold fall day

steaming hot soup is a good idea

In this case it’s curried kohlrabi with coconut milk + greens + kidney beans. Yum.

Another good idea. Lay down some roots in the cold weather and you’ll be all the more happier

I like to eat the skin on the beets, apparently this is hardcore. It’s good to be hardcore.

I actually used to hate beets when I was a kid, which I guess is normal. (Although I hated tomato soup when I was a kid and according to some crazy cookbook I was looking through once tomato soup is beloved by every child on earth. Ugh.) My mom actually grew beets in her garden for a few years, and I remember at the dinner table only she and my grandmother would eat them. I also remember every time my sister would say, “Beats me!” I would always reply with, “Oh, we have some beets in the garden, do you want me to get you some?”

I was a weird kid.

Moving on. Another good idea.

For some contrast, here’s a bad idea.
Don’t wear a random pin bearing a name you know nothing behind:

I googled his name once, and for a while I thought he was an Australian rugby league football player, but it was also 3 am and I could have been delirious. Garry Jack is an Australian rugby league football player, I have no idea who Jack Garry is.
Hold on! It would appear Jack Garry is some sort of boxer from the 1930’s. That’s pretty rad!

Also, a bad idea is to take vanity shots of aforementioned random pin that sort of matches your apron while you have tomato sauce cooking and are in a hurry. Another bad idea is to drop your camera into your kitchen towel drawer (although that is better than dropping it into the spice drawer-at least kitchen towels are soft) thus almost damaging it. Almost. It’s totally fine now, and I just pretend that little incident never happened.