For my dad, for his birthday meal.

The pierogies came out so great! I added some buckwheat into the beet/sauerkraut filling and some kale and baby spinach to the onion topping.

Seriously, make them!

For the cake, I veganized the recipe for mai tai chocolate cake from Death By Chocolate Cake, by Marcel Desaulniers.

It had a lot of components going on (pineapple-almond layer cake, chocolate rum mousse, orange buttercream, chocolate orange ganache, and last but not least chocolate dipped/almond covered dried pineapple slices), but I made them all over a few days, and it came together quite easily.

There were a lot of textures going on, but I mean that in the best way possible. It was extremely satisfying and rich.


I made the orange buttercream with coconut oil, and I was super happy with how it came out. Also, the orange zest flecked throughout looked so adorable.


Both are going into my “Absolutely must make again!!!” file.


I know you all are scratching your heads in amazement, wondering why the chocolate vegenaise cake was less than stellar, but in breaking news: the flavor is better today! It tastes more like chocolate today, as opposed to nothingness yesterday. I mean, the cake is still mediocre, but not inedible.

And just because I hate writing posts without pictures, here are a few photos of my housemate’s cat, who has taken to sleeping in my room. Her name is Grimm, but I just call her purrball because she never stops purring. Awwwww.
P.S. It’s hard taking pictures of cats, they’re always moving!